Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Happy to Me!

Yesterday was my birfday! I am a whole 1 now! Yeah me! My peeps let me have a party.

I invited Lily Cat, but she declined (she hasn't figured out how cool I am yet)

So, it was just me and Lester on 4 feets.

It was kinda embarrassing to only get the old man to come. I gotta make some friends in this town!

After some relaxin by the pool, it was time for presents on the futon (cause that's where presents should be opened)

My really cool pressie - even had my name on it!

Hmmm... What's in here?? Toys! Fun!

Wow! After all that excitement, I need some sleep!

Happy Birfday to me!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Settling in

Don't worry about me! I am settling in just fine!

(Foley lying spread eagle on the bed)

So far, I taught the kitties to share their food with me and took care of one evil wooden statue. It's tough work, but someone's gotta do it!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

What do you mean?

What do you mean that I am not doing this right? I don't get it? I thought parks were for relaxing. What makes a dog park different? Why is everyone laughing at me?

(Foley lying down in the dry grass of the dog park, watching the other dogs play)

Well, you all keep on laughing! I am gonna get back to that relaxing!

(Foley lying, flopped over in the dry grass)


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Big News!

That's right! I am sporting a new collar! Why? Because I decided that the Guide Dog life isn't for me.

I know! Crazy! That is all I have known! But, after so many months of being sick, recovering from being sick then having surgery and recovering from surgery, I got a ton of time NOT being a guide dog puppy!

Sure, it's fun going places. But, to get most places, I have to pass cars. Cars are stupid! They are ok when I am inside it, but those just sitting there, with their tummies growling as I walk by freak me out! Seriously stressful!

So, Dagan and I have been talking. He still gets to do fun stuff, but he says there are lot less growling cars in his life now, as a career change dog. That sounds good to me!

The one bummer of it that I have to move. I am super bummed about that! But, I get to go live with my grandparents. Kinda weird what this world is coming too, huh? Grandparents raising puppies. But, living the retired life before my first birthday sounds good to me! I move soon! Can't wait to start my new life! (but super glad that I get to see all my family forever!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011


A weekend of this:

(Foley, in his working clothes, looking up at the camera from heel position)


(crowd shot of a food truck gathering - hundreds of people)

Leaves a Foley feeling like this:

(Foley zonked on his bed, eyes rolled back in his head)

Too tired to wag,

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,
After nearly walking my paws off at IKEA, it would have been nice to get a backseat spot so I could curl up and sleep. I am not impressed with these seating arrangements. Where can I file my official complaint??


Lacking wags,

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lending a Helping Paw

As much as I like being told that I am cute, there is something I like more: being told that I am cute by people who Mom is serving our community with and those they are serving. When people don't have enough money for food, they don't often have enough money for a dog. So, yesterday, while Mom helped hand out food at the food pantry, I hung out with my cute face on.

(Foley lying on his side, under a table, next to a roll of produce bags)

It's hard being so adorable, so after getting my fill, while giving some puppy love, I sprawled out for a nap. Nothing feels better than a nap after serving your community!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beach Bums

A couple of weeks ago, we loaded up the SUV and headed to the beach for the weekend. It was a looooooooong drive, but we had a lot of fun! (Like, sleep for the rest of the week kinda fun!) Dagan and I got to hang out on the beach and play in the water.

Let me tell you this about ocean water - it chases you!! Umm... Hello?!?! Can't you leave me alone??

Well, since Dagan is OK with it, I suppose I should be too. I'll follow that boy anywhere! It was super fun to romp through the water and zip all around. It was kind of a bummer that I had to be attached to a leash, but I learned run in circles around on my flexi leash like a crazy dog. SO fun!

All that running gave me my tired face! When I get tired, my ears get super heavy. I just run out of energy to hold those puppies up!

When the tired face came, it was time to get in the car and head home. We got all dried off and jumped up for a ride back to the house. It was super sunny, so I decided to use Dagan as a sunshade. He makes a great sunshade! Love it!

Time for a nap - just thinking about all that fun tuckered me out!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Camping to do's

When camping, you should always:

1) Pack at least one friend

(Dagan and Foley in the xpen)

2) Relax in the sun

(Foley lying belly up by the lake with John rubbing his belly)

3) Always swim with a friend

(Foley and Levi in the lake on long lines)

4) Relieve yourself in appropriate places

(Foley peeing in the lake)

5) Sleep peacefully

(Foley's rear end, next to Dagan's face, next to a sleeping John who has his arm flung over both dogs)

Seems simple to me! I can't wait to go camping again!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Places I Nap

I don't know about you, but I love me a good nap! I love to snuggle in and rest my eyes. It is a ton of work being this cute, so I have to squeeze the rest in when ever I can! So, I practice, practice, practice! After all, practice makes perfect!!
Foley lying down, peaking out from under a red blanketNaps at home are good - find a comfy blanket and curl up for a snooze! To drown out the noise, just cover your head. Beware though - I got kicked on last week! I was just sleeping, minding my own business, when *BAM* someone kicks me! Just because I was hidden by a blanket, they think its ok not to know where I am! Maybe next time, I will stick my head out.

Foley asleep on the salon floorHair salons are great places for naps! We are there for-EVER! The floor is cool! You just have to keep an eye out for falling hair! This is a much bigger problem if it is a Mom hair cut than a Dad hair cut!
Foley asleep next to KatraNaps with friends are particularly satisfying! Granted, I would prefer to be romping with that yellow bundle of energy. But, if we are stuck being good, we may as well nap!
Foley lifting his head off the floor looking at the cameraFoley sleeping in a parking spotThen, there are those moments when Mom has her chat on and I just can't convince her to walk away from people. Best way to pass the time - take a nap!

But, I have one place that is my favorite napping spot! I get to nape there every single day and it is always SUPER hard to wake up from these naps!
Foley sprawled out in the back of the SUV on top of a blanket, with his eyes just barely open, trying to wake upThere is something so relaxing about the vibration of the road beneath the wheels, something lulling in the rocking of the car. BEST naps ever!! Mom has to coax me to wake up when we stop. I just get so comfy, ya know?? Speaking of car naps... I'm gonna try to convince Mom to go for a ride!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Trading some Joe

Grocery shopping is no fun for dogs! All we get to do is wander around, dodging legs and carts and ignoring all the goodness assaulting our noses!

But, we have one store that I visit with Mom that I am always excited to get to. My buddy Jen works at Trader Joe's. And, all her work buddies think that I am fabulous! So, I get TONS of attention when there. I almost wag my tail off when I am there!!

But, some times when I go, my Jen is not there. Then, I put my sad face on and mope.
Foley in a lazy sit in front of a display of Trader Joe's bags, a big pouty look on his faceNo Jen makes Foley a sad boy at Trader Joe's. Mom, can you please call and make sure she is there before we go next time?? My tail needs a work out and my face can't take much more of that look! Thanks much!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

I didn't sign up for this!

SO... Let me tell you about a stinky part of car rides. Sometimes, when the car gets too full, we have to squish. Usually, "squishing" means that Dagan and I have to share the back seat - a seat made for 3 butts, rather than the cargo area. Every once in a while, "squishing" means that I have to sit in front with feet and Dagan gets a seat in the back. But, on a really squishy day, this is what it meant:
A pair of knees sitting in the front seat of a car, with Dagan lying on top of Foley. Foley's head peaking up between the kneesYup... Me and Dagan sharing the space meant for feet! These people are crazy! I was super duper tired that day too. We had been to Fun Day, then loaded up the car to come home. The problem was that the stuff we had to take home went to Fun Day in 2 cars! AND it was just me on those trips!

But, when we were heading home earlier than expected, and only slightly squished, someone had the fantastic plan that we should pick up Dagan from the sitter. Umm... If I am sitting with feet, doesn't that tell you there's no room for an extra dog?? Guess not. Sigh. So, the original plan was for me to sit on the floor and Dagan to sit on Mom's lap. Not fabulous, but at least Dagan's big butt wasn't taking up my space - just my looking room was limited.

But then we hit a bump.

While going around a corner.

Dagan slid off and landed on top of me! Big Butt is not a light weight! Seriously people! We are talking at least 10 pounds heavier than me! Squishing me to the ground, pushing all the air out of my body, not allowing me to move. It was like Chinese Water Torture. Only without the water. And it was Labrador, not Chinese.

Once all the air had been squished out of my body and I could no longer stay conscious, I let myself dream of things awaiting me in the cargo area...
A sterilized bone stuck in the handle to the SUV lift gateTo keep bones safe, slip them into the door pull. Only occasionally do they slip out while the lift gate is up, falling to the ground. Luckily, when that happens, Mom is usually there, so her head breaks it's fall (I mean really! I would be seriously bummed if my bone got hurt!)

OK - just writing about this is bringing the Labrador Butt Torture back in such vivid color (or no color - I had so little oxygen that my eyes weren't working correctly!), that I have to go hide. On a dog bed. Under a blanket.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Movies in the Park

What's a boy to do on a Friday night?? That's right! Grab your Dagan and hit the road! OR, head to the local park for a movie! Umm... a movie?? In a park?? Don't these people know that we watch movies in theaters? We PLAY in the park! Nutso!

But, at least Dagan got to come with us! We got there and set up shop. There were TONS of people there!! Mom guessed like 500, but turns out it was over 1500. Mom was way wrong! There were some other dogs there, but mainly there were just lots and lots of people. OOH - and hamburgers! They were being cooked right next to us! TORTURE!!

So, the blankets were out, the chairs were up and there were lots of people. Umm.. Where's the movie??
Foley sitting on a bright blue blanket with a crowd of people behind himDagan and I decided to just go with it (still - I kinda thought they were crazy!) and listen to all the people passing by and telling us a) how cute we are b) how well behaved we are and c) asking if we are related. Seriously people?? You have nothing more interesting than that?? At least there were some belly rubs involved.
Dagan lying down, begging for food while Foley, lying next to him, looks over his shoulder at the camera in disgustMom, Dad and friends got some food out - people food! Ugh! Rude! No one even thought to pack us some popcorn! Dagan begged and I was disgusted. So beneath him! Though - I guess it did work for him. Dagan got popcorn. Me, not so much. Maybe that begging thing works. Whatever.

Finally it got dark outside and the movie turned on! Who knew?!?! So fun! We all sat out and watched Rio. Super cute birds! I totally wanna learn how to fly now! And go to Rio! I could totally work that parade (especially with Nico's bottle cap hat!)

Once it got cold outside, I used my "sad eyes" to lure Mom down to cuddle with us. That's right! A blanket, my Dagan and sharing Mom's lap - sounds good to me! Hopefully, we can go see more movies outside! Inside movies are SO last year!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

What? I don't see anything wrong!

So, this is the life of Dagan. Sleeping on the couch. Eating food off the floor. Chillin' on the chaise lounge. Snoringing on the bed. The boy does a LOT of sleeping! All while I am out working!
Dagan lounging on a chaise lounge in the sun

So, he's black. I'm black. We are just about the same size. If the people aren't paying attention, I like to see what I can get away with. If I slink up really calmly, without making any ripples, sometimes, they just think that I am Dagan. DUH! SO NOT!! That big glug lacks any capabilities that would allow him to operate in stealth mode! I, on the other hand, am a stealth bomber.

What? I don't see anything wrong with this picture?? Dad, taking a snooze on a weekend get away. The black dog crawls up for a nap. Totally ok, right??
John sleeping on the couch with Foley laying on top of him

Dang it! Caught by Mom and put back on the floor! Maybe G-ma will be a better mark. Wait until everyone is comfy. Wait for Dagan to climb up, then ooze up there as thought Dagan has just spread out a bit. Think it will work??
G-Ma sitting in a recliner reading a book, Dagan sleeping on her legs and Foley sleeping on her chest

Dagan and I just look like one really big dog, right?? You don't even know that I am there! What? You mean you can see me? Dang it! Caught again!

I think I need some lessons on being more sly. I keep getting in trouble. More trouble leads to less trouble and more supervision. That right there is a real bummed. So, maybe I should stop trying to be Dagan, rather than trying to be more sly. Being good is the only way to get Mom to stop calling me Senor Naughtiness.



Thursday, August 11, 2011

Family Ties

Backin' up to Fun Day!! The best part of Fun Day was hanging with my family! I was super excited to see my sister Fendi again. We hung out at Fendi's camp site a couple days before Fun Day. She is super cute and lots of fun! She has bunches of energy, just like me. And, she is super cuddly!!

Foley and Fendi lying shoulder to shoulder

Foley lying down with Fendi using his back as a pillow

On top of seeing Fendi again, I also got to see my parents! My momma Albertine and dad Parson were there! Both of my parents were raised by Fendi's family. Can you believe that?? SO cool!!

This is my momma Albertine. She gave me lots of spunk and really big ears! And my black - that came from her too :)

This is Parson, my dad. Quite frankly, I think he plays favorites with his kids. He was super interested in both Fendi and momma Albertine. But me?? Not so much. Um... hello?? Am I not cute enough?? Whatever! I forget what stuff I get from him.

Yellow Parson getting pet by a small hand.

That's my family - or at least my dog family! Today, some lady at Target told me that I should come home with her, cause I would be happier there. Are you serious?!?! Happier with someone other than my 2-foot mom??? Ummm... don't think so lady! I'm just a baby! I need my Mom! So good bye crazy lady! Mom and I had shopping to do!

And now, I have some cuddling to do! Out!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

OK - Here it is!

I KNOW I've been slacking! I know it! But, what can I say, life is busy! I have things to do and people to see! So, I am committing to clean up my back log! I will going through many of my adventures and a few of my mis-adventures over the next couple weeks. Much fun has been had!

But, for now... I just got back from a quick trip to the beach house and I am dog tired! After much fun on the beach and in town, we just got out of the car. I don't know why, but the car was more full on the way home, so I had to sit at Mom's feet! Ugh! I'm used to stretching out in the back. 8 hours of lying in cramped quarters makes a boy tired! Especially when I was told it would only take 5! SO many cars and lots of flashing lights slowed us down. So, for now, I am going to go stretch out and take up as much of the floor as possible! Lights out!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Busy weekends

Busy weekends = dinner on the go! Would someone tell these people that I prefer warmer water on my din-din?? Unhot water does not = good gravy!

Oh well, food is food!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Fun Day!

Mom tells me that today is the start if a busy week. Start?? Haven't we been busy since Friday?? Whatever! So, we have lots to do this week; some fun, some work!

Over the weekend, I helped Mom build a display for the stuff we are selling at Fun Day (And by "helping" I mean I played and slept, saying out of her way). Cabana's Mom posted pics of our new stuff:
I have some more painting to help with, but I will do a great jib, I am sure!

Tonight, I get to see my sister, Fendi! So excited! She's gonna think I am really cute! And I an gonna be her most favorite brother! Fendi and I hope to meet our sister Fantine at Fun Day. (Did I
mention that it is just Fantine, Fendi and I?? I get to be everyone's favorite brother!!)

So excited to get this week started!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Making life fair

So, I've been pretty insulted lately. Dagan is the resident dog. I get that. He gets all sorts of perks that I don't get. He performs for treats. He sits on the couch. He slept in the people bed the entire 2 weeks that Dad was in India. Dagan doesn't have to work. He just has to be super cool.

I, on the other paw, am expected to work daily. No lounging around doing nothing for me! I grocery shop, get the oil changed, pick dad up from the airport, chaperone restaurant outings, keep feet warm at movies, weight the back end of the car down so we don't fly away... SO much for me to do!

So, who should get the comfy bed??? Let's see... The one who WORKS all day?? Or the one who plays and lazes??? TOTALLY me! I should get the comfy bed! But, not at our house? Dagan and his bum knees get the comfy bed. Double layer, plus blankets. While I get the squished down, single layer of barely there bed.

Sometimes, a little dog has to take fairness into his own paws! Last night, i got kicked off Dagan's comfy bed, and sent to my own bed. So, when backs were turned, I took matters into my own paws! That's right! If I lay on top of him, Dagan cannot kick me off, right??? So, operation Squish Dagan to get Comfy Bed is in full effect! Works for me!

Foley, feeling mighty comfy and relaxed

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

Dear Dad...

Dear Dad,
I noticed that you spent a lot of time packing recently, but I didn't realize I wasn't going with you! I don't want you to go to India, cause it is further than Colorado. Colorado is as far as I can go. Since you wouldn't agree to change your trip, I tried throwing myself under your car to prevent you from going. But Mom reeled me out and let you go! I am stunned! And insulted! You better not adopt an elephant to replace me! Hurry home! We miss you!

PS Dagan says you can stay a while. He's liking sleeping in bed with Mom. He says that he is just keeping it warm for you, but I think he's planning a revolution for when you get home.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma,
Dagan and I are sorry we were naughty. We promise not to run through the house like crazy nut dogs just because we hear the ice maker go off. We promise to watch where we are going and not try to take people off their feet if we do happen to forget the no running in the house rule. We are very sorry that you had to give us a lecture. We promise to think before we act in the future.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


GeoTagged, [N38.25416, E122.70298]

So, last week, it was like everyone was yelling at me. Everyone was talking SO loud! I know that I was being naughty the week before. Mama said that if I didn't shape up, she was going to leave me at GDB for some tutoring. I wasn't sure how to make myself anything other than dog shaped, so I wasn't surprised when I ended up spending the night in the kennel.

Except for the sore belly, the visit went pretty well. I got to hang out with my buddies in the vet clinic. I took a nice long nap. I got some loving. I am still dog shaped though, so Mom may have issues with that.

Oh! They gave me a new hat too! What do ya think? Does it make my ears looks smaller??