Saturday, August 13, 2011

What? I don't see anything wrong!

So, this is the life of Dagan. Sleeping on the couch. Eating food off the floor. Chillin' on the chaise lounge. Snoringing on the bed. The boy does a LOT of sleeping! All while I am out working!
Dagan lounging on a chaise lounge in the sun

So, he's black. I'm black. We are just about the same size. If the people aren't paying attention, I like to see what I can get away with. If I slink up really calmly, without making any ripples, sometimes, they just think that I am Dagan. DUH! SO NOT!! That big glug lacks any capabilities that would allow him to operate in stealth mode! I, on the other hand, am a stealth bomber.

What? I don't see anything wrong with this picture?? Dad, taking a snooze on a weekend get away. The black dog crawls up for a nap. Totally ok, right??
John sleeping on the couch with Foley laying on top of him

Dang it! Caught by Mom and put back on the floor! Maybe G-ma will be a better mark. Wait until everyone is comfy. Wait for Dagan to climb up, then ooze up there as thought Dagan has just spread out a bit. Think it will work??
G-Ma sitting in a recliner reading a book, Dagan sleeping on her legs and Foley sleeping on her chest

Dagan and I just look like one really big dog, right?? You don't even know that I am there! What? You mean you can see me? Dang it! Caught again!

I think I need some lessons on being more sly. I keep getting in trouble. More trouble leads to less trouble and more supervision. That right there is a real bummed. So, maybe I should stop trying to be Dagan, rather than trying to be more sly. Being good is the only way to get Mom to stop calling me Senor Naughtiness.



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  1. Foley, you can come and be naught on me and my family anytime. Cabana would NEVER sleep on top of any of us--she's so aloof. I need a cuddler around here!