Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunny Skies...

Lead to no blogging!! And since it has been rainy and icky again (in MAY!), I thought I should work on catching up! So, let's travel back in time to... Parades!

Back in April, we all went to Butter and Egg Days. There are TONS of dogs there, so Dag-Dog was able to go with us. My buddies Hermosa and Licorice were there too! Super fun, right??

Nope, not really. At least the parade part of the day wasn't all that. It was Looooooong! It was actually kinda boring. We hung out on the sidewalk while a bunch of people and cars and stuff went by in the street. Not all that exciting in reality.
Dagan and Foley lying down on the sidewalk, snoozing

Mom's boss drove a tractor by. That was pretty much the extent of the excitement - at least it got Dagan to wake up and look. For a second anyway.
A tractor pulling a float with a flying chicken
Foley sitting up, looking at the camera with Dagan sitting up in the background
Dogs lying down again, Foley sleeping, Dagan parade watchig
But, after the parade came the real fun! We got to walk around town and look at booths see people and wander and get lots and lots of pets! (Me, not Mom - that would have been awkward!)

Run down of the day: Parades = not so exciting (but a good nap time). Festivals = fun!

More soon!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Awww man!

Me: "Moooooom, I heard Ramen say we weren't working today!"
Mom: "Sorry Dude, Ramen was confused. We have to go to work. But, we have 3 days off where you can sleep in!"
Me: "Ugh. How 'bout, I wake you up at normal time and you feed me. Then, I can go back to bed with a full tummy!"
Mom: "Not how I would plan it, but somehow I think that is how it will work. Try to sleep in for me please??"
Me: "Ummm... Nope. Doesn't work that way. Sorry for you!"
Mom: "You are lucky you are cute!"

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Still Tasting - and Posing

Just when I thought we were done with all the People's tasting, when we had cuddled back in to the bus and it had lulled me to sleep, the bus stopped. Again. Ugh. Really people? I'm DONE!

Foley's body sticking out from under a table clothAnd once the Birthday Girl figured that out, I got some good cuddles! Close your eyes, I am NOT sitting in a lap in a chair! Or at least, I was so tired that I didn't know I was sitting in a lap in a chair!
Foley being held by Kerri near the tableThen, it was time to take some pictures. Do you know how many pictures these people take??
Foley sitting on a ledge looking out in the vineyards with a gloomy sky
Ugh! I started out ok, but then my tired face came out.
Foley sitting, looking at the camera with big droopy eyes, roses in the backgroundWhen the tired face came out, I started dreaming of home. It is in this direction.
The back of Foley as he looks off into the distance, sitting on the ledge overlooking the vineyardOne last stop, and we were on our way home! Yes! Time for a nap!
Foley emptying his bladder in a flower bed


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tasting - sounds fun!

OK - I know! I know! It's been a while! I know! Life is busy and I am a slacker! (But please don't tell me that - I'm kinda sensitive about that).

So, last weekend, Mom and Dad said we were going tasting for Kerri's birthday. I thought, "Score!!! I LOVE tasting!" But, my day didn't turn out quite like I planned. We got to Kerri's house and hung out for a few minutes. People ate, but I got ZERO tastes! We then got on a bus.
Foley sitting on the top step of the busI saw the ice chests being loaded, so I thought I would be OK. We loaded up and took a ride (well, we rode and I slept! It's tiring being this cute!) We stop and all the people get handed glasses. We take a walk, hear some guy talk and end up in a room for some "tasting." OK! I was ready! Tongue was primed, moist and ready to go! (Dry tongues don't taste well, so I worked hard at keeping it moist! NO panting!)
Foley sitting next to the bar in a private tasting roomBut, instead, I sat in a corner and got nothing! NADA! Ummm... Hello?? I thought you people said we would be tasting! Instead, the people stood around drinking and I didn't taste a single thing! So, I took another nap.
Foley falling asleep next to the barAfter lunch on the patio (where I was still given NO tastes of anything other than water!), we loaded back on to the bus for another ride. We got off again and AGAIN the people were given glasses and I was given nothing! I kissed up to Dad to see if he would share something with me.
John kneeling down and rubbing Foley's chestNo luck! So, I got my flirt on and started being cute. I batted my eye lashes, then did what I do best!
Foley, belly up and legs spread next to the foot rail on the barOne of the guys gave me that idea - he said we should all belly up to the bar. The bar was near the floor (it's where the people were propping their feet), so I bellied up next to it. I REALLY really hoped I would get a taste of something for this! Sigh. Nope. But, I did score some belly rubs. At some point, they showed me what they were tasting.

Foley sitting next to a wine bottle nearly as tall as he is

What's so exciting about this?? I guess I am not missing out on much. But, they could have told me this before getting my hopes up! I really thought I was gonna get something yummy today! Maybe next time!


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Busy Weekends...

Lead too not wanting to get out of the car crate one more time! Good thing I get to sleep ALL day at work tomorro!

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