Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

Dear Dad...

Dear Dad,
I noticed that you spent a lot of time packing recently, but I didn't realize I wasn't going with you! I don't want you to go to India, cause it is further than Colorado. Colorado is as far as I can go. Since you wouldn't agree to change your trip, I tried throwing myself under your car to prevent you from going. But Mom reeled me out and let you go! I am stunned! And insulted! You better not adopt an elephant to replace me! Hurry home! We miss you!

PS Dagan says you can stay a while. He's liking sleeping in bed with Mom. He says that he is just keeping it warm for you, but I think he's planning a revolution for when you get home.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma,
Dagan and I are sorry we were naughty. We promise not to run through the house like crazy nut dogs just because we hear the ice maker go off. We promise to watch where we are going and not try to take people off their feet if we do happen to forget the no running in the house rule. We are very sorry that you had to give us a lecture. We promise to think before we act in the future.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


GeoTagged, [N38.25416, E122.70298]

So, last week, it was like everyone was yelling at me. Everyone was talking SO loud! I know that I was being naughty the week before. Mama said that if I didn't shape up, she was going to leave me at GDB for some tutoring. I wasn't sure how to make myself anything other than dog shaped, so I wasn't surprised when I ended up spending the night in the kennel.

Except for the sore belly, the visit went pretty well. I got to hang out with my buddies in the vet clinic. I took a nice long nap. I got some loving. I am still dog shaped though, so Mom may have issues with that.

Oh! They gave me a new hat too! What do ya think? Does it make my ears looks smaller??


Monday, June 20, 2011

Floatin' on the open seas

This weekend, I went with my puppy group on an exciting adventure! We all met bright and early and all boarded a big boat. We floated and chugged along for about an hour.
When we stopped, we were in San Francisco! It was SUPER busy near the ferry building. Booths and booths everywhere! People were selling food, fruit, veggies and all sorts of stuff! We walked across the street and wandered around Justin Herman Plaza. We visited a huge fountain.
We walked up some crazy glass stairs and around a circular, elevating, glassed in walkway.

After some time wandering the Farmer's Market, we all loaded back on the ferry and rode home. Let me tell you, I was one sleepy boy!

Time for a ride home and a nice long nap! SO sleepy!
Super fun day! Mom says my buddies and I were all rock stars. That's good, right??


Saturday, June 4, 2011


I am a boy who loves comfort! I will settle on the carpet or hard floor, but I would much rather be able to cuddle in somewhere in a nice lap, or on a comfy bed. If all else fails, a blankie will do just fine. Especially if you can steal two: one to lie on and one to snuggle under!

Foley with a blanket bunched under him and a quilt on top - his paws stretched out straight in front of himFoley still snuggled on and under his blankets
One of the best places to snooze is with my brother Dagan. Love him! He is super cuddly and warm to snuggle with.

Foley spooning with Dagan on his dog bedAll this talking about naps gave me a fabulous idea! I need a nap!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Easter Eggin'

More catching up to be done!! For Easter, Mom, Dad, Dagan and I headed over to my grandparents for the day. Dad's sister and brothers were there too. In our family, that means lots of dogs! And we were even down 2 for the day! We had 3 boys and 1 girl, 3 black labs and 1 cattle dog mix. 3 dogs that get to have fun and 1 who doesn't. Ugh! I'm the one who DID NOT get invited to the Easter Egg hunt!

This is what the other dogs saw:
Just a boring thing in the grass, right?? Ummm... no! Someone put dog cookies inside those eggs! But, *I* got left out of the whole thing! The others got to sniff:
I did not. And, even when I was super smart enough to find one that NONE of the others did, I didn't get it. Sniffle.

I even got told that I could not sniff the water leaking out of the ice chest. Do you know that MY food had been in there too?? Yeah. Bummer.
Then, we decided to take some pictures. This is me and my Dad, Uncle Steve and Lupe (she would be the non-boy AND the non-lab, but one of the one's who got to have treats)
This is Dad and all the black boys. Accord is wearing the blue scarf. Dagan is sitting to Dad's left and I got the prime spot on his lap. Yeah me! (finally!)

I love hanging with my family. It is always fun!

More updates to come!