Monday, June 20, 2011

Floatin' on the open seas

This weekend, I went with my puppy group on an exciting adventure! We all met bright and early and all boarded a big boat. We floated and chugged along for about an hour.
When we stopped, we were in San Francisco! It was SUPER busy near the ferry building. Booths and booths everywhere! People were selling food, fruit, veggies and all sorts of stuff! We walked across the street and wandered around Justin Herman Plaza. We visited a huge fountain.
We walked up some crazy glass stairs and around a circular, elevating, glassed in walkway.

After some time wandering the Farmer's Market, we all loaded back on the ferry and rode home. Let me tell you, I was one sleepy boy!

Time for a ride home and a nice long nap! SO sleepy!
Super fun day! Mom says my buddies and I were all rock stars. That's good, right??


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  1. I was there with my GDB puppy raising group this past weekend. I don't think we met though. I did however meet the man with the little yellow lab in your group. Looks like you had a good time, I know we did!