Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm Here!!

It's about time someone gave me the call! Hi! I'm Foley! I am so excited to be on this big adventure (can ya tell from the bounce in my step? I do a LOT of springing!) A lot of life has already happened, so I was having a hard time deciding where to start. Duh! The beginning! Look at my cuteness!
AlbertinexParson_letter F Foley sleeping, belly up">

And here I am with my mom and my sisters.
AlbertinexParson_letter F Mom lying in baby pool with pups nursing">

Get the "awwws" out. I know they are out there! I am with my mom Albertine and my sisters Fantine and Fendi (I think Fendi is the yellow one, but it's hard to remember that far back!) My dad's name is Parson. I was born on October 14, 2010.

It took a looooooooooooooong time for me to make it to my puppy raising family. First, since it was holiday time, puppies were not leaving the kennel all that quickly. Then, I got sick. Then, when I was all better, they decided that I needed to have some corrective surgery. After surgery, I spent a couple weeks in foster care. Then, FINALLY! I was picked up by my raisers!

40 miles north and I was home! Dagan told about this blogging deal, so here I am!