Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm Here!!

It's about time someone gave me the call! Hi! I'm Foley! I am so excited to be on this big adventure (can ya tell from the bounce in my step? I do a LOT of springing!) A lot of life has already happened, so I was having a hard time deciding where to start. Duh! The beginning! Look at my cuteness!
AlbertinexParson_letter F Foley sleeping, belly up">

And here I am with my mom and my sisters.
AlbertinexParson_letter F Mom lying in baby pool with pups nursing">

Get the "awwws" out. I know they are out there! I am with my mom Albertine and my sisters Fantine and Fendi (I think Fendi is the yellow one, but it's hard to remember that far back!) My dad's name is Parson. I was born on October 14, 2010.

It took a looooooooooooooong time for me to make it to my puppy raising family. First, since it was holiday time, puppies were not leaving the kennel all that quickly. Then, I got sick. Then, when I was all better, they decided that I needed to have some corrective surgery. After surgery, I spent a couple weeks in foster care. Then, FINALLY! I was picked up by my raisers!

40 miles north and I was home! Dagan told about this blogging deal, so here I am!



  1. oh my goooooooooooooooood that video. sooo cute.

  2. Foley you are so adorable! I have some pictures of your Dad if you would like them :) He has a beautiful ridge on his back.

  3. Welcome to the blogging world. I can't wait to hear about your journey now that you are healthy and home. :)

  4. Welcome Foley! Your sister Fantine is being raised in our area. She's your memory is good! She came down with parvo also, but she was already in her raiser's home when she got sick. She is healthy now and I am glad you are too!!

  5. Hi Foley! I follow your brother Dagan too. We even got to meet last summer during Fun Day. Maybe you and I will have a chance to exchange stories that we can't put up on our blogs. :)


  6. Foley, we can't wait to meet you!!! You are just way too cute. Your mama looks so sweet--that was a small litter!

  7. cute video! Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures

  8. you are cute. But I still think Dagan is cute too.