Monday, May 30, 2011

Sunny Skies...

Lead to no blogging!! And since it has been rainy and icky again (in MAY!), I thought I should work on catching up! So, let's travel back in time to... Parades!

Back in April, we all went to Butter and Egg Days. There are TONS of dogs there, so Dag-Dog was able to go with us. My buddies Hermosa and Licorice were there too! Super fun, right??

Nope, not really. At least the parade part of the day wasn't all that. It was Looooooong! It was actually kinda boring. We hung out on the sidewalk while a bunch of people and cars and stuff went by in the street. Not all that exciting in reality.
Dagan and Foley lying down on the sidewalk, snoozing

Mom's boss drove a tractor by. That was pretty much the extent of the excitement - at least it got Dagan to wake up and look. For a second anyway.
A tractor pulling a float with a flying chicken
Foley sitting up, looking at the camera with Dagan sitting up in the background
Dogs lying down again, Foley sleeping, Dagan parade watchig
But, after the parade came the real fun! We got to walk around town and look at booths see people and wander and get lots and lots of pets! (Me, not Mom - that would have been awkward!)

Run down of the day: Parades = not so exciting (but a good nap time). Festivals = fun!

More soon!

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