Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tasting - sounds fun!

OK - I know! I know! It's been a while! I know! Life is busy and I am a slacker! (But please don't tell me that - I'm kinda sensitive about that).

So, last weekend, Mom and Dad said we were going tasting for Kerri's birthday. I thought, "Score!!! I LOVE tasting!" But, my day didn't turn out quite like I planned. We got to Kerri's house and hung out for a few minutes. People ate, but I got ZERO tastes! We then got on a bus.
Foley sitting on the top step of the busI saw the ice chests being loaded, so I thought I would be OK. We loaded up and took a ride (well, we rode and I slept! It's tiring being this cute!) We stop and all the people get handed glasses. We take a walk, hear some guy talk and end up in a room for some "tasting." OK! I was ready! Tongue was primed, moist and ready to go! (Dry tongues don't taste well, so I worked hard at keeping it moist! NO panting!)
Foley sitting next to the bar in a private tasting roomBut, instead, I sat in a corner and got nothing! NADA! Ummm... Hello?? I thought you people said we would be tasting! Instead, the people stood around drinking and I didn't taste a single thing! So, I took another nap.
Foley falling asleep next to the barAfter lunch on the patio (where I was still given NO tastes of anything other than water!), we loaded back on to the bus for another ride. We got off again and AGAIN the people were given glasses and I was given nothing! I kissed up to Dad to see if he would share something with me.
John kneeling down and rubbing Foley's chestNo luck! So, I got my flirt on and started being cute. I batted my eye lashes, then did what I do best!
Foley, belly up and legs spread next to the foot rail on the barOne of the guys gave me that idea - he said we should all belly up to the bar. The bar was near the floor (it's where the people were propping their feet), so I bellied up next to it. I REALLY really hoped I would get a taste of something for this! Sigh. Nope. But, I did score some belly rubs. At some point, they showed me what they were tasting.

Foley sitting next to a wine bottle nearly as tall as he is

What's so exciting about this?? I guess I am not missing out on much. But, they could have told me this before getting my hopes up! I really thought I was gonna get something yummy today! Maybe next time!


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