Thursday, August 11, 2011

Family Ties

Backin' up to Fun Day!! The best part of Fun Day was hanging with my family! I was super excited to see my sister Fendi again. We hung out at Fendi's camp site a couple days before Fun Day. She is super cute and lots of fun! She has bunches of energy, just like me. And, she is super cuddly!!

Foley and Fendi lying shoulder to shoulder

Foley lying down with Fendi using his back as a pillow

On top of seeing Fendi again, I also got to see my parents! My momma Albertine and dad Parson were there! Both of my parents were raised by Fendi's family. Can you believe that?? SO cool!!

This is my momma Albertine. She gave me lots of spunk and really big ears! And my black - that came from her too :)

This is Parson, my dad. Quite frankly, I think he plays favorites with his kids. He was super interested in both Fendi and momma Albertine. But me?? Not so much. Um... hello?? Am I not cute enough?? Whatever! I forget what stuff I get from him.

Yellow Parson getting pet by a small hand.

That's my family - or at least my dog family! Today, some lady at Target told me that I should come home with her, cause I would be happier there. Are you serious?!?! Happier with someone other than my 2-foot mom??? Ummm... don't think so lady! I'm just a baby! I need my Mom! So good bye crazy lady! Mom and I had shopping to do!

And now, I have some cuddling to do! Out!

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