Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Places I Nap

I don't know about you, but I love me a good nap! I love to snuggle in and rest my eyes. It is a ton of work being this cute, so I have to squeeze the rest in when ever I can! So, I practice, practice, practice! After all, practice makes perfect!!
Foley lying down, peaking out from under a red blanketNaps at home are good - find a comfy blanket and curl up for a snooze! To drown out the noise, just cover your head. Beware though - I got kicked on last week! I was just sleeping, minding my own business, when *BAM* someone kicks me! Just because I was hidden by a blanket, they think its ok not to know where I am! Maybe next time, I will stick my head out.

Foley asleep on the salon floorHair salons are great places for naps! We are there for-EVER! The floor is cool! You just have to keep an eye out for falling hair! This is a much bigger problem if it is a Mom hair cut than a Dad hair cut!
Foley asleep next to KatraNaps with friends are particularly satisfying! Granted, I would prefer to be romping with that yellow bundle of energy. But, if we are stuck being good, we may as well nap!
Foley lifting his head off the floor looking at the cameraFoley sleeping in a parking spotThen, there are those moments when Mom has her chat on and I just can't convince her to walk away from people. Best way to pass the time - take a nap!

But, I have one place that is my favorite napping spot! I get to nape there every single day and it is always SUPER hard to wake up from these naps!
Foley sprawled out in the back of the SUV on top of a blanket, with his eyes just barely open, trying to wake upThere is something so relaxing about the vibration of the road beneath the wheels, something lulling in the rocking of the car. BEST naps ever!! Mom has to coax me to wake up when we stop. I just get so comfy, ya know?? Speaking of car naps... I'm gonna try to convince Mom to go for a ride!



  1. You always get the nappers, Cassie! Cabana wouldn't fall asleep in any public place, then or now.

  2. Ha! This weekend, he was so hard asleep at the lake that I got freaked! No response to calling his name, a tap on the shoulder or a nudge. There was about 10 seconds when I thought he was dead! He finally responded to my panic stricken yell. Oh that boy!