Saturday, August 20, 2011

Trading some Joe

Grocery shopping is no fun for dogs! All we get to do is wander around, dodging legs and carts and ignoring all the goodness assaulting our noses!

But, we have one store that I visit with Mom that I am always excited to get to. My buddy Jen works at Trader Joe's. And, all her work buddies think that I am fabulous! So, I get TONS of attention when there. I almost wag my tail off when I am there!!

But, some times when I go, my Jen is not there. Then, I put my sad face on and mope.
Foley in a lazy sit in front of a display of Trader Joe's bags, a big pouty look on his faceNo Jen makes Foley a sad boy at Trader Joe's. Mom, can you please call and make sure she is there before we go next time?? My tail needs a work out and my face can't take much more of that look! Thanks much!


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