Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Movies in the Park

What's a boy to do on a Friday night?? That's right! Grab your Dagan and hit the road! OR, head to the local park for a movie! Umm... a movie?? In a park?? Don't these people know that we watch movies in theaters? We PLAY in the park! Nutso!

But, at least Dagan got to come with us! We got there and set up shop. There were TONS of people there!! Mom guessed like 500, but turns out it was over 1500. Mom was way wrong! There were some other dogs there, but mainly there were just lots and lots of people. OOH - and hamburgers! They were being cooked right next to us! TORTURE!!

So, the blankets were out, the chairs were up and there were lots of people. Umm.. Where's the movie??
Foley sitting on a bright blue blanket with a crowd of people behind himDagan and I decided to just go with it (still - I kinda thought they were crazy!) and listen to all the people passing by and telling us a) how cute we are b) how well behaved we are and c) asking if we are related. Seriously people?? You have nothing more interesting than that?? At least there were some belly rubs involved.
Dagan lying down, begging for food while Foley, lying next to him, looks over his shoulder at the camera in disgustMom, Dad and friends got some food out - people food! Ugh! Rude! No one even thought to pack us some popcorn! Dagan begged and I was disgusted. So beneath him! Though - I guess it did work for him. Dagan got popcorn. Me, not so much. Maybe that begging thing works. Whatever.

Finally it got dark outside and the movie turned on! Who knew?!?! So fun! We all sat out and watched Rio. Super cute birds! I totally wanna learn how to fly now! And go to Rio! I could totally work that parade (especially with Nico's bottle cap hat!)

Once it got cold outside, I used my "sad eyes" to lure Mom down to cuddle with us. That's right! A blanket, my Dagan and sharing Mom's lap - sounds good to me! Hopefully, we can go see more movies outside! Inside movies are SO last year!


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