Thursday, September 15, 2011

Big News!

That's right! I am sporting a new collar! Why? Because I decided that the Guide Dog life isn't for me.

I know! Crazy! That is all I have known! But, after so many months of being sick, recovering from being sick then having surgery and recovering from surgery, I got a ton of time NOT being a guide dog puppy!

Sure, it's fun going places. But, to get most places, I have to pass cars. Cars are stupid! They are ok when I am inside it, but those just sitting there, with their tummies growling as I walk by freak me out! Seriously stressful!

So, Dagan and I have been talking. He still gets to do fun stuff, but he says there are lot less growling cars in his life now, as a career change dog. That sounds good to me!

The one bummer of it that I have to move. I am super bummed about that! But, I get to go live with my grandparents. Kinda weird what this world is coming too, huh? Grandparents raising puppies. But, living the retired life before my first birthday sounds good to me! I move soon! Can't wait to start my new life! (but super glad that I get to see all my family forever!



  1. Dear Foley,
    Living the life of a treasured companion is a GREAT life!

  2. Foley: I'm sure you will get more treats and spoils than you could ever image!! :)