Monday, July 18, 2011

Fun Day!

Mom tells me that today is the start if a busy week. Start?? Haven't we been busy since Friday?? Whatever! So, we have lots to do this week; some fun, some work!

Over the weekend, I helped Mom build a display for the stuff we are selling at Fun Day (And by "helping" I mean I played and slept, saying out of her way). Cabana's Mom posted pics of our new stuff:
I have some more painting to help with, but I will do a great jib, I am sure!

Tonight, I get to see my sister, Fendi! So excited! She's gonna think I am really cute! And I an gonna be her most favorite brother! Fendi and I hope to meet our sister Fantine at Fun Day. (Did I
mention that it is just Fantine, Fendi and I?? I get to be everyone's favorite brother!!)

So excited to get this week started!

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