Thursday, July 14, 2011

Making life fair

So, I've been pretty insulted lately. Dagan is the resident dog. I get that. He gets all sorts of perks that I don't get. He performs for treats. He sits on the couch. He slept in the people bed the entire 2 weeks that Dad was in India. Dagan doesn't have to work. He just has to be super cool.

I, on the other paw, am expected to work daily. No lounging around doing nothing for me! I grocery shop, get the oil changed, pick dad up from the airport, chaperone restaurant outings, keep feet warm at movies, weight the back end of the car down so we don't fly away... SO much for me to do!

So, who should get the comfy bed??? Let's see... The one who WORKS all day?? Or the one who plays and lazes??? TOTALLY me! I should get the comfy bed! But, not at our house? Dagan and his bum knees get the comfy bed. Double layer, plus blankets. While I get the squished down, single layer of barely there bed.

Sometimes, a little dog has to take fairness into his own paws! Last night, i got kicked off Dagan's comfy bed, and sent to my own bed. So, when backs were turned, I took matters into my own paws! That's right! If I lay on top of him, Dagan cannot kick me off, right??? So, operation Squish Dagan to get Comfy Bed is in full effect! Works for me!

Foley, feeling mighty comfy and relaxed

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