Monday, March 21, 2011

Rough Life

These people need some training! We had company over the weekend and that was all fine and dandy. But, did you know that the kitchen/dining room is the worst room in the house?? Yes, there is food there (that *I* can't eat) but there is NOTHING comfy to curl up on! Not a single dog bed, strech of carpet or anything!

When company is over, do you even realize how much time these people spend at the kitchen table?? Eating, playing games, yacking. SO frustrating when there is nothing to curl up on. What's a puppy to do?? Make do. You find the only piece of fabric on the floor (a GDB reuseable grocery bags in my case) and curl up for a nap.

I am not pleased with the situation, but a boy's gotta make do.

Can someone talk to these people about installing something more comfy in the kitchen please?? I have a boney butt! I need comfiness!

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