Friday, March 11, 2011

My Friend, The Big...


Mom won't let me name this post what I really wanted to, so this is what I came up with instead. The Big Eeyore.

Last weekend, we visited family near Sacramento. We took the kid to this place full of other rug rats. Running, screaming, chasing kids! Everywhere! Not that I minded the kids being there. I just minded that *I* had to be good and not play with them! If only I could ditch that puppy coat!

So, we get to this fence. Waaaay far away, there is one of those giant things that "moooooooos" at me across the street at home. I looked at him through the fence for a while.

Foley sniffing a large animal through a white slatted fence.Then, something started running at me from across the way! It kinda loped, with ears as big as mine, but all stick uppy!

Eeyore the Donkey looking at Foley through the fenceTHIS is Eeyore. Can you believe those ears?? He followed me around the outside of his pen. Flaring his big nose holes at me. It was quite bizarre!
John petting the donkey's head, that is hip high over the fence
Dad decided that petting that thing was cool. But, Eeyore kept ducking his head away so he could sniff me. Not even the big blue ball got his attention!
John and the donkey, ignoring the blue ball that has been rolled over to them
Good thing there is a white fence there! Otherwise, I think I would have a stalker.


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  1. Foley, your mom is right. It's not nice to call anyone a know what, even if he IS one!