Saturday, April 23, 2011

Moving up and out!

(Picture: Foley on a dog bed with a nylabone propped on end between his paw and head)

Look at me! Sleeping on a dog bed! I thought only Dagan Dogs were allowed to sleep with such a sense of freedom. The ability to spread out and flail my feet around without touching anything is amazing!

Last week, my bedroom crate moved out to the car (for reasons I won't get into here - let's just say long pieces of leather with metal clips feel good in my mouth). After a trip to Costco, a new dog bed moved into the spot my crate used to occupy. Now, I sleep with the aid of a little blue cable I like to call Tie. I can't go very far, but I sure do like rolling over and sticking my feet in the air.

Oh, and I like smelling like cedar! It smells especially good on my tail - right where I can sniff and sniff when ever I want to think about my new bed. Time to refresh my cedar smell and catch some Zzzzzz's.

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